Arsenic in your Drinking Water

Arsenic in your Drinking Water

Arsenic in your Drinking Water is a common problem.  It is a natural element in the Earth. Arsenic comes from crust-rock, soil, and natural sources of exposure that the water has.  Shock disinfection to your well will increase the levels of arsenic and other contaminated that you should avoid. So, please get the water tested before using food.  Arsenic is used as a semiconductor in the manufacturing industry. Things like treated wood, oil refining, and other things can have arsenic in them. These can leach into the ground and air and as the water comes in contact it can absorb the arsenic.  Several types of cancer can be linked to the Arsenic in your water. Often times it comes from weathered rock and soil that add the minerals to the water. The EPA has determined 10 ppb is a safe level of Arsenic in your drinking water.

Your private drinking water should be tested often for Arsenic.  It is believed the majority of Arsenic comes from eroding rocks and flows with the melting snow or rain.  Your private well is at risk and it can be very dangerous. There is no noticeable difference in the water to the human taste or smell.  This is something that needs to be tested for often and is free of charge to do so. Don’t put your family at risk, have your water tested often, as many factors play into what is in your water.  

Can Arsenic in your Drinking Water Harm you?

In many cases, if the Iron is removed from the drinking water then the arsenic will go with it.  This is a phenomenon important to note. Arsenic is not readily absorbed by the skin, so the water is safe for bathing and showering.  For the longest time the US thought that Arsenic wasn’t something to be concerned about, however, it certainly is. If you or your family have respiratory issues often, you may be drinking a higher level of Arsenic than recommended and you should probably have your water tested.  Water testing is free and could save your life.

Arsenic even at low doses can cause a great deal of harm.  Trace amounts can interfere with your bodies ability to fight off infection and tumor-fighting hormones.  The US is lucky and we have lower levels of Arsenic that that of many other countries. It is a natural formed element by the Earth, so it depends on the location and what sort of rock formations and such are around.  Just like vegetation, things from one climate and environment is completely different than another.

Arsenic is a dangerous element as it doesn’t show any signs that it is even there.  You can’t taste or smell it. This is why the EPA urges you to get your water tested for Arsenic often.  As the environment changes often as well and things are moving around Earth faster than ever before. Meaning, Arsenic can travel in on large Boulders used for landscaping or a new factory down the street.  

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