Hard Water: What to expect

What to expect if you have Hard Waterwhat is hard water

Hard water can be annoying.  Leaving a film on your shampoo bottles and staining your clothing.  When you live with hard water you use more soap, have dryer skin and your appliances are abused with the buildup.  Hard water buildup can form a calcium seal around heating elements.  This makes the water heater and such take longer to heat up and use more power. Heating elements in all appliances suffer, including those in your coffee pot or dishwasher.  Although hard water typically isn’t as much of a health hazard as some water issues, it still can be a bit on the annoying side. Find a List of California Water Contaminants Here.

Pipes can be clogged with a scale which reduces the water flow and ultimately the need for new pipes.   And, new pipes are not cheap.  Hard water causes clothing to be more scratchy and discolored often over time.  It can cost a lot of money over time with the need for extra soaps.  Hard water is determined by calcium and magnesium.  In some cases, the hard water can be a health benefit from some people.  As it does provide calcium and magnesium.  The issue is, at a very high cost compared to a simple vitamin supplement. You can also take a look at the Tap Water Database to find out what pollutants in Americans’ tap water dating back to 2010.

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What is Hard water?

We were all taught that water was 2 Hydrogen molecules and 1 Oxygen to make up water.  So, why are we talking about all this other stuff?  All this other stuff is what is in your tap water.  Pure water is never coming out of your tap on its own.  Although it is certainly safe to consume, water can contain minerals such as calcium and magnesium, even if you are using a public waterway.  The public waterways are generally more regulated than that of the private wells.  And, they usually have to supply the public with a testing every so often of the water and what is in it.  The government as regulated this so everyone has safe drinking water, however, safe doesn’t mean it’s not hard.

Drinking water can also contain small traces of minerals like Iron, which is picked up from the soil, lakes, rocks, and such as it filters below the surface level.  It can also be picked up from corroded plumbing.  Of course, things like Calcium, magnesium, and iron aren’t bad for you.  However, they can also bring about bacteria that can be bad for you.

Water Taste and Smell from Hard Water

One popular way to determine if you have a water issue is the smell and taste of your water.  If you have water that tastes like dirt, this could be a big red flag.  This taste could be because water comes from the ground, hence there is dirt sediment in your water.  If you see stains in the toilets or where water sits for a long time, this usually is caused by iron, this can be an issue.  And, this can cause a pricey cleaning bill and lots of lost time and effort.

You can clean those rusty toilets but that rust is going to come back.  Rust build-up takes time, as the name suggests but it does return.  And, is usually hard to get rid of.  Hard water is also a culprit for soap scum as it gives the soap something to latch onto.  As your water evaporates the minerals are left behind.  This soap scum can then lead to bacterial issues, which is really the price for hard water.  Bacteria seem to love hard water.  So, it’s not the hard water itself that is an issue, but the bacteria that comes from the hard water than can be a problem.

How to Fix Hard Water in California

Hard water in california is a common problem. Hard water is caused by mineral build up most of the time. We recommend a Water Softener, Alkaline Water System and RO Machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I am a renter and the owner won’t let me install a Whole House Water Filtration System on my home?

A: This is one of the most common problems we run into. Although most home owners will not let you install a whole house system that starts at the main water line of your house. We recommend an Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Filter. RO is a leading technology for removing water contaminants and it is simply installed under the sink of your home and can also be connected to your ice maker and refrigerator.

If you are experiencing a problem with hard water and would like the water tested click here or give us a call at (855)Water-20 > (855)928-3720

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