Activated Charcoal for Whole House Water Filtration

Looking at Activated Charcoal for the whole house?  Not even sure what that statement even means? Activated Charcoal is certainly different than regular charcoal.  Charcoal can come from a variety of substances such as wood, coal petroleum and other things. But, you don’t just take a piece of charcoal and throw it in your water.  This would probably have the opposite effect on your water and just contaminate it more. First, it needs to be activated to add surface area to the charcoal to make it act as a filter to water.  

Activated charcoal, as gross as it may sound can be added to water to help purify the water.  Even something as simple as putting a stick of activated charcoal into your water can help filter water impurities.  This is a popular method in Japan.

Activated Charcoal filters

Activated charcoal filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  And, they do have a whole house activated charcoal filter, however, this isn’t usually the best solution as they tend to be mess and need to be changed often.  Water jugs in that are kept in the fridge seem to lend themselves better to this sort of filter. Or individual water bottles as well. The water that is meant for drinking.  There are also activated charcoal filters you can purchase to put on the tap water facet and in the refrigerator as a drinking water solution. This will keep the filter from being used for bathing, toilet flushing, teeth brushing and other uses of the water.  

Activated Charcoal has some other benefits to using as well.  As it interacts with the water it adds healthy nutrients to the water such as calcium and magnesium.  It doesn’t just filter the water and take all the good stuff out with it and leave a flat tasting water.  Activated charcoal water is crisp and wonderful to drink and has a great taste because it does put back the good nutrients and just takes out the bad.  

Activate Charcoal for Drinking Water

Activated Charcoal is amazing for drinking water.  It has the added benefits of the added nutrients and everything to go with that.  However, as a whole house water filtration, it can be a bit more costly than that of a Reverse Osmosis and is messy.  However, for just drinking water, it is one of the best solutions and there are all kinds of options out there for on the facet option to the pitcher in the fridge.  The filters are relatively inexpensive and last for quite some time.

There are even activated charcoal sticks that can be used.  This helps take out the pesky Chloride that most city waters add to the water.  These sticks are called binchotan charcoal and come from tree branches. When used, they work at a chemical level in the water and attract the Chloride molecule in the glass of water.  

The conclusion.  Charcoal filtration systems for the entire house, may not be the best solution out there.  They do exist and are of course always an option. However, they make so many different kinds of water bottles, refrigerator filters, and filters for the facet that would work just for drinking water in the home.