Water Filters for Coffee Shops

Why Water Filters for Coffee Shops?  Because your coffee is almost 100% water and well, the taste will affect your end product.  Getting out all of the chemicals that you find in many water sources and removing the chlorine is a must.  Not to mention this will save you on energy bills and maintenance in the long run. Let us test your water and see what things we are needing to combat.

A good water source is a perfect spot for a good cup of coffee.  When you are setting up a business you need to pay attention to all the little details.  One of these is the ingredients your putting into your product. You want it consistent and duplicatable.  So, when people taste that lovely cup, they know, that came from your shop. Word spread like wildfire about a great cup of coffee.  Don’t let your water put your fire out.

In addition to what you are putting into your end product, you are also cleaning things with a dishwasher most likely.  With minerals in the water, the heating elements will get coated and then, there will be build up, this, in turn, causes your water to take more energy to heat up.  This is not good for your energy bill or your machines. Let us work with you to come up with a solution that will best suite your needs and budget.

Coffee Shops water Filtration Systems

Since, your main product is coffee and it’s 99% taste comes from the water you pour over your grounds, don’t you think it is important.  It is just as important as the coffee grounds themselves. A good cup of coffee is made with the perfect blend of water components and coffee grounds.  If you don’t use filtered water, you can suspect to have to clean your machines more often, which this in return can also affect the coffee flavoring. Try to keep your coffee brewing as consistent as possible, since, that is what you want to be known for.  There are many systems that can do this job, just depends on what your water usage might be. Don’t used bottled water, as that isn’t very well regulated and it will get super costly overtime, not to mention you are then not helping your appliances.

Making that perfect Joe is a very important job.  Let’s get that cup having an aroma that is like nothing else.  Bring in the customers with the smells of amazing coffee and let the word star spreading.  You have the best flavors around and it’s because you pay attention to the details. Most people don’t think of things like water purification systems, but you have and that’s what’s makes you stand out from the crowd.  People will drive across towns for a perfect cup of coffee. Many people have their favorites, this is where they will meet with clients or friends. Let this place be your Coffee Shop with the amazing water filtration system.  We are happy to discuss with you your filtration options and concerns. Give us a call.