Farm & Agriculture Filtration Systems: Commercial Hydroponic Filters

What is Agricultural Water Treatment?  Farmers need good clean water. The answer is sometimes.  Farmers use water throughout the entire far. From watering the animals and machines, the fields, and cleaning off and cooling off produce and so much more.  That water if contaminated can harm so many things is such a short time. Surely you have heard of the outbreaks of various salmonella and other pathogens throughout the recent years.  Imagine if a farmer washed the produce in contaminated water, put the produce in a semi to go to market, they get mixed with other products and there we have a complete outbreak. Poor water could kill off an entire herd without anyone seeing it coming.  Or could contaminate the food source as well. Having water with high lead contents, for example, will thus make the animal be higher in lead.

Water is the source of life.  The farm is no different. Contaminated water on a farm is something that could harm more than just a household, however, and it should test their water often and keep a good check on it.  The most water used in one application is for irrigation. This source of water comes from the ground mostly. And, it can contain more impurities than some applications due to the way the plants use the water.  However, it can be a great option for those farms that have many animals nearby. Microbes from the animals can get into the water and live on the fruits of the crops.

Water Treatment for Farmers

Water treatment for farmers has come a long way recently.  We offer huge systems for the large Commercial farms all the way to manageable systems for the smaller farms.   The RO water system works with a membrane that water pressure pushes the water through. This membrane cleans the water out at the molecular structure.  This is done after some pre-filters filter out the large things. We need to get the big solids out. The RO membrane is something that does need to be replaced often and it is important to keep them clean so they can work properly.  The membrane does get cleaned during the cycle. Most dissolved solids like salt cannot make its way through the membrane. That’s why these systems are so popular. The system can be made water when there isn’t a demand on the system and put the water in the holding tank.  

RO systems are really great for greenhouses as well.  This will help save all of your watering systems from getting full of minerals and rust.  If you have a full irrigation system in the greenhouse or for watering your animals you know that equipment cost is.  The equipment can be ruined by bad water. This is why we like to recommend RO systems to farmers with rust issues.

We are here to answer all of your irrigation or watering needs.  We work with many commercial applications that need a good water filtration system.  Understanding the various systems out there and what works best for what application is what we do.  We can test your water for free and offer specific solutions for your needs.