Is Fluoride in Drinking Water Bad For Teeth?

Fluoride in your drinking water isn’t something most people know and understand.  However, you should, there is a rather large debate if it’s healthier to have or not have.  Most people even go as far as to think it’s for some sort of purification. Despite the huge campaigns by the American Dental Association.  The ADA states that if everyone were to put fluoride in their drinking water there would be less dentist health bills. Most of the major cities do add Fluoride to their drinking water.  Drinking water with fluoride as a child will help the adult teeth grow in stronger than a child that did not have fluoride.

So does Fluorided water really help reduce the cavities?  Most adults today were brought up knowing that fluoride helps your teeth.  Obviously, if they see that fluoride is added to their water, they don’t think much about it.  Although the fluoride in the water can help the teeth, it is actually added to the water to help treat the water.

Fluoride Additive

Fluoride is a mineral that naturally occurs in nature, however, it’s not always in drinking water.  It is a byproduct from the Phosphate fertilizer industry. Fluoride in nature is a very toxic material, very much like arsenic.  People that are exposed to these high levels natural fluoride tend to come down with many various diseases. World Health Organization regulates the levels of fluoride, as too high of levels and the enamel in your teeth start to pit.  So there is a delicate balance of the amount of fluoride. If it reaches 10 mg per liter abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, muscles spasms, and seizures.

In order to have healthy teeth, you should live a healthy lifestyle.  Drink a lot of good clean water and brush your teeth regularly as well as floss.  Most cavities are preventable. Keeping your families teeth healthy and strong, drinking your water is definitely a needed commodity.  If your dentist asks you if you have drunk your 8 glasses of water, this is why. The Fluoride is in the water but it also flushes off the teeth without acid that you find in soda or coffee.

Floride for Drinking water

Floride is a mineral that has been proven to help strengthen the enamel.  It is important, especially for children to get fluoride into there system.  The best way to prevent them from getting cavities is being active in their oral care.  Teach them to brush their teeth properly and often, after every meal. And, flossing is something that should be shown as well.  Working with the children means you are showing them good oral hygiene habits that will last a lifetime. Oral Hygiene combined with drinking fluoridated water will give them some great chances of success.

Fluoride prevents plaque and halitosis (Bad Breathe).  As your teeth decay due to the acid eating at the enamel, this will cause bad breath due to the bacteria that builds up on your teeth.  When calcium and phosphate are removed from the enamel, cavities form. Floride helps prevents this.


Hand in Hand Bail Bonds

Hand in hand in bail bonds is a licensed bail agent have been California since 1995.  California Bail bonds are here for your 24/7 day. Hand in hand bail bonds makes getting your friend or family out quickly.  In California, if you are arrested you go to the local jail and wait for booking and holding. This process doesn’t take very long, however, once you are booked you could be there for months.  This is why people want out on bond, to continue their lives. Bond is usually several $1000’s and most people just don’t have that sitting around. That’s where we come in. We can provide you with the bail amount and ask for 10% cash on bonds over $5000 in return.

Bail Bonds California

Getting a bail bond can be exhausting. Bail bonds are complex legal forms that should show you the amount you borrow, owe and anything that would be considered extras.  The premium amount you should ever be charged for a bond is 10%, which is payable in cash at pre-trial release. These charges are to pay for the help of getting the bond you couldn’t afford.  Most people are offered a bond. However, if this is a serious crime, we cannot offer you bond as there will be no bond set.

Under current law, a person has the right to a bond unless there is a good reason not to grant it.  These are things like if the person is known to flee. Fleeing your case can leave the bail bond company in a mess as well as the court systems.  This is not a good option as it will just get you further into trouble with the law. The court assumes the person will commit more crimes while out on bail.  Maybe you had a past with the court that they are using to make this decision.

Either way, they have their reasons for not wanting you to go.  Or, the last reason, is you may mess with their witnesses and cause harm or change the story.  In this case, it is in the best interest of the case, court and you to stay put until it is your turn at trial.  

Phone Bail Bond App

For fast and convenient service, we also offer a simple phone app that you can place on your phone. This makes it easy to find out what the bail cost will be and get in touch with us quickly and easily.  We post bonds for DUI’s, Robbery, Assault, Drug possession and more.

If you are looking for a fast, safe and reliable bail bondsman, look no further.  Hand in hand bail bonds are a great option. We are a licensed bail agent with experience and knowledge of the system.  We charge the legal rate of 10% and have the great app for your convenience. Be sure to ask any questions or raise any concerns you might have.  Not all bail bond facilities are the same and we are happy to tell you everything and anything we know that will assist.


Whole house water filtration system

Need Wole house water filtration systems?  We have you covered with a great selection.  We work with clients by testing their water and determining which would be best for you.  Whole house water filtration systems are a great way to ensure your family is safe from water toxins.  Water toxins can harm you in all parts of the home, not just when drinking. You also shower and cook using your tap water and do your laundry.  All of these areas can benefit from a whole house water filtration system. We are in the City of Goleta and have been in California for over 5 years.  Let our experts work with you on what your water needs to be clean and healthy for use.

Bottled water looks like an alternative, however, this would be used for drinking, cooking, laundry and be showering it can start to get expensive.  Whole house water filtration will fix all that and it will be clean. We do testing to ensure the best quality comes from your tap. Bottled water is an unregulated source of water.  So, you really don’t know what kind of water is in that tap water. Only whole house water filtration systems can completely remove toxins from your water. This can leave behind minerals like calcium and magnesium.   Let us ensure you have the best water possible for your family and friends. Give us a call.

Water Filtration for the whole house

Showering may seem like something that you shouldn’t have to worry about having purified.  However, the chlorine in the shower can cause dry hair, skin, nails and respiratory issues.  Not to mention some water will contain small amounts of bacteria that can be grown when left on surfaces causing mildew and yuck.  Or, have you ever been in a shower where all the bottles are covered in a white film, or there is white film on the walls? That too is caused by hard water that can be completely avoided by using a Whole house filtration system.  Water filtration is something that is important for the whole house because you use water in the whole house. Let us work with you to determine what your homes water needs are. We will come out to your home and test the water.

Water filtration has come a long way in recent years.  Let us work with you and determine what type of softener would work best in your home.  We offer softeners like Reverse Osmosis Systems that purify the water at different stages and are an all around great system.  These can have customized components as well for those that have pesky well water. These effectively remove chemicals, chlorine by-products, heavy metals, fluoride and more.  

Need a Whole house water filtration system

A whole house water filtration system is something that can help you get all the unwanted stuff out of your water.  There is dirt, sediment, minerals, and chemicals that all leach into our drinking water. We help determine which ones you have and at what amount for all your drinking water needs.