Four Contaminants Found in Corvallis Water Above EWG Recommendations
Four contaminants have been found in Corvallis water at levels above the recommendations of the Environmental Working Group (EWG). The contaminants, including arsenic, chromium, chloroform, and dibromochloromethane, were detected in a recent water quality report from the city’s water treatment plant.
While the levels of the contaminants detected are still within legal limits, they exceed the health-based recommendations set by the EWG. The EWG recommends that the levels of these contaminants in drinking water be no higher than what is deemed safe by health officials.
The city of Corvallis has stated that it is taking steps to address the issue and ensure that the water supply remains safe. The city is working to improve its water treatment processes and is implementing additional monitoring measures to ensure that the water meets health and safety standards.
The presence of these contaminants in the water supply underscores the importance of clean and safe water. While the city is taking steps to address the issue, it is also essential for individuals to take steps to ensure the safety of their own water supply. is a company that provides clean water solutions for households. By installing a whole house water filtration system, individuals can ensure that their water is free from contaminants and safe to drink. Companies like can provide effective and affordable solutions for clean and safe water in homes.

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