Medical Grade RO Systems

Looking for Medical Grade RO Systems?  These are some of the best systems we offer.  We work with medical companies to get them a commercial system that is robust enough to handle the supply of their water needs.  These are premium systems that are used to deliver perfectly clean water to the medical community. This is important as the industry is working with open wounds and people with lowered immune systems.  Don’t trust just anyone to get the water as pure as possible. We offer free testing and we can maintain the testing for those units as well. As overtime things will need to be adjusted. These systems offer pristine water.  

Medical Autoclave devices use reverse osmosis and Deionized water as steam to clean all the medical devices.  Autoclave systems are the heart of most medical facilities and we need to be sure the steam is clear of any contaminants.  Autoclaves are used to clean off all medical instruments and devices that are going to be reused. Killing off potentially bad bacteria, fungus and germs to ensure a clean environment for your patients is a must.  

Medical Facilities and Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is used to remove salts, chemicals, impurities, and contaminants.  The process involves water pressure forcing water molecules through a membrane that is very fine.  This then leaves contaminates behind and you are left with pure water. Most systems have a way to filter our sediments and Chlorine as a prefilter.  This comes before the membrane, storage tank, and activated carbon post filter. It is also a great way to remove salt and other impurities from the water.  Things like nitrates, radionucleotides, heavy metals and other dissolved materials are harder to remove with other methods, hence, why this method is so widely popular.  

Water Purification for Medical

And, though this method is slower than that of a simple filter method, it still can process many gallons a day.  These systems are often the most efficient to run and economical overall. They use and waste very little water. And, are used by households to medical equipment and commercial applications.  The water in your medical facility shouldn’t be a source of contamination. We pride ourselves on getting you the best system for your application. Let us work with you. Testing your water. Determining the need.

Water is what we do.  Let us look at your Commercial situation and come up with a quote today.  We can test the water for free and analyze your daily usage and needs. Working with all kinds of Commercial applications is what we do.  Working with small to large businesses is okay. We have plenty of experience in the water treatment systems. There is no one system that will work for all people.

That’s why there are experts like us to figure it out.  Working in water treatment and understanding the various types takes skill and knowledge.  We don’t expect you to just buy something without knowing if it will work for you. Let our dedicated team help.  Give us a call. We are here to help.