Whole House Water Filtration System Cost

The Cost of a Whole House Water Filtration System can range from hundreds to thousands. We compare costs, benefits, pricing and installation in California for whole home water filter systems. Compare costs of product, installation, shipping and extras all in one place.

Cost When Buying A Filtration System From A Local Company


Local Companies are my favorite when it comes to expertise in the home service industry. When buying a RO ( Reverse Osmosis) or Whole House Water Softener System it is important to find someone that is knowledgeable and has experience in your local area. The reason I am emphasizing “local” is because different areas, for the most part, have different water quality issues to deal with. Some areas have soft water, some areas have hard water, some areas have a specific concentration of pesticides or contaminants. For this reason, having someone that knows your specific needs is important when picking the right filtration system for your home or business. Once you know what your needs are, now you can start to compare the cost of a whole house water filtration system.

Cost When Buying A RO and Home Filtration System Online


Purchasing products online is growing more and more prevalent in the clean water industry. This is good and bad for consumers in the United States especially. The great thing about buying Water Softeners, Alkaline Water Systems and Reverse Osmosis Filters is that you can easily compare, shop around and pick the right item for specific needs. This is also the bad thing about purchasing a counter-top, under sink or whole home system. The reason I say it is the bad thing is because consumers are inundated with products that don’t necessarily work. US Filter Manufacturers are battling Chinese and European manufacturing companies that have a lower quality products. This is the reason you see such a HUGE fluctuation of pricing across the board. Some systems cost $199 on Amazon and others cost $20 thousand dollars from private american made products. Do the $199 systems work? – Maybe.. Do the $20,000 systems work? – Yea but you might not need something that big. Make sure you do your research, look at consumer reviews and find out what system will benefit you the best.