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Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Every living thing needs water to survive. From drinking water to taking showers to water your garden, water fuels the world that we live in. Water is an absolute necessity, but how can you be sure that the water you are consuming is good water?

Many times, water can be contaminated with minerals or harmful bacteria that is undetectable to the human eye. In a world where going without water is not an option, how can you be sure that the water you are using is the clean water you need. You do not need to worry or chance the unexpected if you install a Whole House Water Filtration System water filter.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

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Alkaline Water Systems

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Soft Water Systems

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Whole House Water Filtration Systems

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Water Filtration Systems in

Whole House Water Filter

Even though most municipalities have a system in place for filtering water that is piped into homes, it will still have some chemicals and pollutants that get past those filters. This is why a lot of homeowners will use water filters to make their water taste better and make it safer for drinking and cooking with. Another option would be to put in a whole house filter that is connected where the water supply enters the home so that the entire house has highly filtered water which means that shower water and appliances also benefit from the more highly filtered h2o.

These types of systems are designed to remove every contaminant the water has. This means that the higher quality water will help appliances that utilize the water to have a longer life and to work more efficiently. It also means that when it is consumed or used for bath water or for showers that the water is free of the minerals and chemicals and, in turn, makes it safer to use and may help the skin remain healthier.

Alkaline Water System in CA

This water has a pH level that is a good bit higher than what typical water would be. It has compounds that are alkalizing including things like potassium, magnesium, silicon, calcium, and bicarbonate. When someone consumes this type of water it will help neutralize acids in the blood. This is believed by many to play a role in preventing disease including cancer. It is also thought to be helpful for those who have high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol levels. More tests are needed before this is a conclusion that will be accepted among those in medicine.

PH Water Systems

Groundwater will have a pH value that ranges from 6 up to around 8.5. Pure water will typically have a pH value of 7. Since a person’s body is 60% water then it’s pH value can impact body chemistry. The body’s processes such as breathing, digestion, and circulation all attempt to help the body balance its pH. Drinking this type of water can help the body achieve a state of balance so that it is neither too alkaline or too acidic.

Ionized Water Systems

This is water with mineral ions in it. All-natural water has at least some minerals along with other things such as sediment and rocks. Even rainwater can have bicarbonate ions that it gets from the atmosphere. When water is purified using reverse osmosis or it is distilled, then those processes remove the minerals. Some filters have minerals that will allow the water to have some of the ionization put back in.

Ions in the water are thought to lessen oxidation which can damage human cells. A process is used that separates minerals and then positively charges them. This process makes the water more alkaline. The water that is more acidic is separated into a different chamber. There are a number of studies that seem to suggest that this water has significant health benefits.

Water Purifier For Your House

The water that comes into your home first goes through the system used by the city or county and then it will go through the filtration system used at your home which then makes the water very safe and pure. There are several different methods someone can use to further purify the water. To make even more certain that it is truly safe, someone might even choose to use more than one system. This might include using additional filters on the kitchen sink since that water is used for drinking and for cooking.

Water Filter Systems For Your Home

It is necessary to have a filter system with several different filtration points if you want the entire supply of water to your home to be as clean as possible. Part of the first stage will remove contaminants using activated carbon by trapping and absorbing molecules and small particles so they are not consumed. It also helps to take out any bad taste or smell the water may have so it is a more pleasurable experience.

City water typically contains chlorine along with other disinfectants. A home filtering system will use resin beads and an ion exchanger that charge calcium and magnesium electrically that helps soften the water. The system may also use a bacterial inhibitor that helps remove bacteria and fungi that may be in the water. An additional filter may also be used to take out any sediment.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

This is a process where saline solutions that are weaker migrate to ones that are stronger. This process is for the purpose of removing unwanted molecules, large particles, and ions. It takes out a number of the impurities the water may have. It works by allowing the water to pass through the membrane that is under pressure which means that about 95% of the salts in the water are held by the membrane and only pure water is able to pass through. Find a RO system supplier in CA here.

RO Water Purifiers

This type of purifier uses the system of reverse osmosis to get the water purified. This system will usually have extra carbon cartridges as well as filters to further clean the water. The water is forced through the membrane used by the reverse osmosis which then dissolves any solids that are kept in the membrane but the process does mean there is some loss of water. That water is drained out because it has those solids in it and really shouldn’t be used for anything other than cooking.

Water Softener

Minerals are often in the water and they can then find a way into various appliances that use water and into the plumbing and pipes of the home. When the minerals are deposited into the appliances it can reduce their overall efficiency and their lifespan. Using a water softener often does a great job at removing the minerals which will protect your appliances and makes the water safer.

To soften the water it will be necessary to remove magnesium and calcium from it. When the water is softer it won’t be necessary to use as much soap when cleaning. When a homeowner is able to reduce the amount of deposits then it will extend the life of the plumbing system and appliances using the water. Reverse osmosis systems and ion exchange are great for removing minerals that lead to water hardness.

Water Treatment Systems

Systems made to filter water use chemicals and other means to take out the impurities which in turn makes the water safer to drink, cook with and can be safer for home appliances that use water. The different types of systems used to filter water include flocculation, coagulation, and sedimentation to take out solids that are undissolved to make the water better for use. There’s also filtration made to remove particles that are much smaller and there is even disinfection used when there are pathogens in the water that are harmful for consumption.

Water Filtration Systems

Regardless of the source of water that humans consume, it will have at least some contamination in it that come from different elements. This is true regardless of whether it comes from a well, rivers, lakes, or elsewhere. It could be chemicals that are man-made, pathogens, minerals, or other by-products that make their way into the water. Because of the contamination, it is necessary to filter the water to make it healthier for consumption.

6.Alkaline Water/ PH levels /Ionized Water

Get alkaline water that has high PH levels here.

Water Filters, purifiers and purification devices, & softening devices under the sink

Kangen Water Machine

This is a different name for alkaline water. These machines are simply sophisticated ionizers. The word Kangen is Japanese and means to return to origin. The name itself is now trademarked by a company in Japan. When someone drinks this brand of water or alkaline water the benefits are the same. Those benefits come from mineral hydrates that are produced through the process of ionization.

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